Designed by the ISO.
Built for the ISO.

Proceed Pay design and functionality is the result of decades of knowledge and experience from the executive team having been in the industry successfully managing every role within an acquirer organization.


why proceed pay?

Proceed Pay has been a leader in processing payments for over twenty years, leveraging the world's best technologies for our customers, from large worldwide enterprises to locally-owned small businesses. We extend powerful payment solutions for all payment types and processing environments, ensuring that your business, whatever the size, remains well connected.

We are consistently rated among the top 5 global payment providers, and our robust, redundant processing platform and end-to-end advantage ensures commerce for businesses around the world. Backed by the strength and stability of U.S. Bank & Elavon, Proceed Pay delivers flexible, secure and innovative solutions while providing value at every point in our customer and partner relationships.

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Based on cloud architecture, and accessible wherever an internet or cellular connection is available, the Proceed Pay platform enables and automates all back-office duties necessary to manage an ISOs business environment of any size. Powerful shared templates created by the Proceed Pay client serve to short-cut many ordinary merchant application process steps, creating a one-stop merchant application and boarding environment that can approve, board and activate merchants in under 15 minutes, start to finish. And once live, merchant production activities are easily reported via user dashboards. And Proceed Pay provides complete and timely monthly residual reporting and payout, quickly and accurately. And most importantly, the Proceed Pay platform is continually enhanced and updated, guaranteeing the user an ongoing current and up to date back office environment to run their business with.

Proceed Pay strength and functionality makes it the ideal platform for Acquiring Banks, Registered ISOs, ISOs, independent agents and merchants.


Proceed Pay is the most advanced All-in-One customer relationship management software for the merchant acquiring industry. Currently integrated to multiple front and back end providers, “Tsys” and “Tri-Source”. The Proceed Pay design and functionality is the result of decades of knowledge and experience from the executive team having been in the industry successfully managing every role within an acquirer organization.
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    Acquirer Bank Integration

    Flexible setup and full transparency for Acquiring banks looking to expand or enhance their merchant product offering.

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    Automated Boarding

    Start your customer experience on the right track with reduced time between approved application and merchant go live with our automated account boarding feature.

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    Customer Service

    Easy to use ticketing system allows you to streamline your service process and improve your customer experience.

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    Integrated Underwriting Tools

    Speed approval timeframes by combining decisioning data from multiple sources all in one spot.

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    Lead Management

    Manage and follow up with leads all in one place to generate more efficient sales.

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    Merchant Maintenance

    Easily update your merchants account information without having to leave Proceed Pay.

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    Merchant Management

    Browser based front end tool to manage all aspects of your merchant portfolio.

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    Mobile App

    All of Proceed Pay’s tools and features available in the palm of your hand. Both Agent and Merchant portals can be accessed via phone or mobile device.

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    Merchant Portal

    All the tools necessary to manage and grow your business – transaction details, deposit information and more – available 24/7

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    Multiple User Roles

    Customizable user profiles let you decide what features or tools each user has access to so that they get the most out of Proceed Pay.

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    Multiple Applications

    Offer merchants a variety of ways to complete and sign the application including an e-sign option allowing multiple parties to sign from their desktop or mobile device

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    On Demand Business Intelligence reports to help you analyze and monitor your business.

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    Risk Management

    Offering an array of risk reports that you can adjust based on your portfolio needs allowing you to manage risk for your entire portfolio.

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    Collect your organizations marketing, operational forms, training and more and store them in one convenient spot.

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    Unlimited Down Line Residual Pay

    Residual Calculations for any size ISO with no limit on number of office split calculations.

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    Unlimited Hierarchy

    Create and manage as many offices and agents as you need without having to worry about additional “per user” fees.

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    Process payments easily and securely using Paybug’s fully integrated gateway right from Proceed Pay.

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    And More


Prior to Proceed Pay we were using multiple 3rd party systems to manage our ISO day to day needs. None of the systems worked as needed and the cost added up fast. It only took one demo for us to sign up with Proceed Pay. The ability to board a merchant and go live within minutes was incredible and the unlimited user ability gave us a clear run way to scale. Within 30 days of signing up for Proceed Pay we saw massive improvement within our corporate office. Within 90 days our deal count started to increase. Within the first year using Proceed Pay we have tripled our deal count, revenue and agent channel. Thank you Proceed Pay team for making it possible for us to grow at a rapid pace in today's tough and competitive market.
JohnPaul Golino, CEO - Choice Merchant Solutions
We were confident that Proceed Pay was going to be the best solution for us after speaking with Andres and Keith and hearing about their technical backgrounds. After reviewing many solutions, Proceed Pay was the clear winner for us. Their product is robust, including all the various tools we’ll need to manage our portfolio. The product is also highly-customizable, so we’re excited to see how tailored we can get with their product. The most important part is that we feel like we’re in good hands. The Proceed Pay team has the experience and knowledge needed to make this a seamless process for Quantum.


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